Facing My Fears

“…being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” Philippians 1:6
I did it.  I set the ball in motion.  I bought plane tickets.  It’s not just a short trip either.  Michael and I are flying to California on August 1.  Doesn’t seem like a big deal??  Well, it is.  I am terrified of flying, but there’s a prize involved.  Nope, not money.  My child will be on the other end of that flight.  Caroline and her husband Bryan live at Edwards Air Force Base.  They have been there since February when Bryan was stationed in California.  
As I’ve thought about this flight and my willingness to face that recurring nightmare of flying, God has reminded me that this too is a part of His good work in me. What would happen if, at the moment we are saved, God chose to reveal to us all of the things He planned to change in us.  How overwhelming would that be?  Or what if all of the changes came suddenly?  Personally, the hymn “Just as I Am” would not have the same meaning.
I faced another huge fear once:  public speaking.  When my children were little I signed up to speak at a Board of Education meeting to voice my opinion on redistricting school lines.  Yes, I was terrified, but it was for my children! Amazing what we overcome for our children.  Those few moments of hands sweating, body shaking, voice cracking were the first step in a bigger plan. I moved from that victory to teaching Sunday School, leading women’s Bible studies, a public speaking course, and now, teaching second graders.  I also was blessed to be able to speak at my mother’s funeral this past January.  I still get butterflies in my stomach and feel a little nervous about speaking, but I am not afraid anymore.  
God has a good work to do in each of us.  I trust that He has a bigger plan in all areas of my life.  So…I will face my fear of flying…believing that this is the first step towards something greater.  I love the line in the song “Already There” by Casting Crowns:  One day I’ll stand before you and look back on the life I’ve lived.  I can’t wait to enjoy the view and see how all the pieces fit. Cause You’re already there!” 
To be continued after the flight…. 🙂