To Have and To Hold…

I have a new job!  Along with the transition to a new place of employment comes the standard things like paperwork and drug-testing.  After completing my paperwork and getting my picture taken for my new ID badge, I headed over to the hospital for drug-testing.  There were a few people waiting, so I took my seat among them.  People came and went.  Conversations sparked and dwindled.  Everything was quiet.


Then I heard a noise.  It was a “woooo!” shout as if someone were trying to get my attention.  I looked around but didn’t see anyone.  Then I heard it again.  I thought of Michael…because that’s just the kind of silly thing he would do to me. There was only an old man waiting with me now.  I looked over at him….

and he was smiling.

“It’s my wife,” he said.  He smiled again.  Then she strolled out of her hiding place behind a wall. She did a happy step and sat down.  They were both smiling.  She was almost immediately called back.  

And he started talking.

“We always silly like that.  Playing around. Even after all these years we are still having fun. When I met her, I was dating someone else.  She kept telling my girlfriend to make me stop flirting with her.  I hadn’t flirted with her.  I just smiled at her, and she kept fussing.  Then, when no one was looking, she would smile at me.”

How long have you been together?

“We’ve been married for twenty-six years.  We was together for twelve  years before that.  We both had come out of bad relationships.  So we was careful.  Finally, one day I said to her, ‘ You know, ain’t no reason we not married.’ So just like that, we went and got married.”

He told me all about their children. The youngest, a senior in college.  The middle child, going to grad school.  The oldest, a pastor.  

What sticks with me is that sweet smile that was glued to his face and the twinkle in his eye as he talked about his wife.  This man, around seventy, looks and talks like he just got married. I understand that smile, and for that, for my own marriage, my heart is full of thanksgiving.

Now, as I think about the beautiful wedding my daughter and son-in-law recently shared, I pray that Caroline and Bryan will do whatever it takes to have a marriage filled with love and joy.  The marriage relationship is a blessing from God!  Except for your relationship with the Lord, no other relationship should come before your marriage relationship.  Work together, play together, pray together.  Laugh! Be silly! Snuggle! Hold hands. Talk…talk…and talk some more. In the hard times. Protect.  Forgive. Apologize. Pray.  Don’t ever stop surprising each other. Don’t ever stop being silly.  Don’t ever stop holding hands.  God has given you a precious, valuable gift!  Cherish your gift.  






One thought on “To Have and To Hold…

  1. You are so right Susan. Marriage is a two way thing. It gets hard sometimes when things don’t go to plan, but it is worth the effort.

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